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1% Back to Maine

1% Back to Maine

focuses on supporting the next generation of Mainers, Maine’s youth,

helping to give them the greatest chance at creating a more wonderful world. Selling homes in the community affords us the privilege of giving back to the communities that we live and work in.

On a quarterly basis the Portside Foundation and participating Portside agents give 1% of top line revenue to local nonprofits supporting systemic Maine problems. These issues include: education, generational poverty + affordable housing, substance abuse, limited access to medical care, and food insecurity.

How it works:

  • A dedicated group of Portside 1% Back to Maine board members work in tandem with Maine Community Foundation to unanimously select grants that are in alignment with our quarterly initiatives.
  • When reviewing grants, we look for nonprofits that align completely with our mission as 1% Back to Maine
  • We also are looking to ensure that the grants emphasize diversity and inclusivity and are providing a sustainable solution to one of the many challenges facing Maine’s youth.


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Our Causes

Generational Poverty + Affordable Housing

Generational Poverty + Affordable Housing

As of January 2020, on any given day 260 family households and 420 unaccompanied students experienced homelessness throughout Maine, an extremely challenging situation that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.



Maine is home to 601 Public Schools and 106 Private Schools. In our public schools, almost 40% come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and almost 20% are in a special education program. This means extra support and opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, are imperative to ensure we are giving Maines children the tools and skills they need to succeed!

Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity

1 in 6 children in Maine are facing hunger and 43% of children in school rely on school meals every day. With schools being closed during the pandemic, the rate of childhood hunger has grown. Kids need access to consistent, nutritious meals to help them reach their full potential.

Medical + Mental Health

Medical + Mental Health

1 in 4 children in Maine are diagnosed with a mental health disorder yet only 16% reported receiving mental health treatment in the past 12 months (as of 2017 survey). 1 in 12 babies are born drug affected in Maine. Eliminating barriers to treatment for children and their families is imperative to creating healthy families where children can thrive.


Funds Raised In 2022 For Maine Non-Profits


Total Funds Raised For Maine Non-Profits

Current Beneficiaries

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Past Beneficiaries

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1% Back To Maine

Our Impact

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