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Coffee's On Us, Friday September 29th!09.20.23

Portside Foundation

Giving Back

Portside Foundation

We believe that if we care about our neighbors, the difference we make collectively will be sustainable and life changing for our fellow Mainers.

The Portside Foundation 501(c)(3) is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Maine’s communities by supporting humanitarian, environmental and health-and-youth assistance programs. The Foundation organizes and hosts multiple fundraising events and awareness campaigns on behalf of local nonprofits throughout the year. These thoughtful events generate income through corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, auctions and direct donations. The proceeds from these events are used to support local nonprofits working to improve the lives of those in our communities.

Since the Foundation’s inception, we have raised enough capital to donate over $600,000 through our Portside Gives Back events, 1% for Maine® and donation drives for cancer causes, affordable housing, youth wellness and wildlife conservation programs in Maine.

You can visit our Events page to see what we have planned for this year!

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Investing In New England

1% at a time

1% for Maine™ focuses on the next generation, Maine’s youth. Supporting and addressing systemic Maine problems including generational poverty, substance abuse, and limited access to medical care, education, and food. Portside is committed to giving 1% of gross revenue to Maine's future.

Portside Foundation

Upcoming Events

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Coffee's On Us, Friday September 29th!09.20.23

Coffee's On Us, Friday September 29th!
Mark your calendars! Coffee’s on Us makes its return on Friday, September 29th! Portsiders will be spread out across various local coffee shops throughout Maine [...]

Why List With Portside?08.31.23

Why List With Portside?
As a homeowner, you want to get the best possible return on your investment when it comes time to sell. That's why it's important to work with a brokerage [...]

Best Fall Foliage in Maine and New Hampshire!08.31.23

Best Fall Foliage in Maine and New Hampshire!
  Maine and New Hampshire in the fall has the most beautiful autumnal views. Check out some of Portside's top choices for leaf peeping and enjoy the [...]

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Our Committees

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Diversity Committee

Portside's Diversity Committee focuses on helping Portsiders navigate the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing tools and resources. The committee strives to bring awareness to Portside of the opportunity for advocacy in and outside of the agency. Additionally, the Committee gathers and disseminates information and resources to agents and clients on diversity, inclusion, and equity in the industry.

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Event Committee

Our Event Committees are composed of both agents and staff who work collaboratively to organize a variety of fundraising events to support nonprofit organizations in our community. Events include: Hops for Habitat, Rooftop REcharge, Pins for a Cure, Autumn Equinox at the Audubon, and ReLaunch.

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Volunteer Committee

In the spirit of giving 1% more, Portside's Volunteer Committee focuses on organizing opportunities for its agents and staff to dedicate at least 1% of their time to supporting local nonprofit efforts through in-person volunteer opportunities and donation drives.

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1% for Maine® Committee

Portside’s 1% for Maine® Committee works in tandem with Maine Community Foundation to unanimously select grants that are in alignment with our quarterly initiatives. In order those initiatives are: generational poverty/affordable housing, education, substance abuse/medical care, and food insecurity.

When reviewing grants our committee looks for nonprofits that align completely with our mission as 1% for Maine®. They ensure that the grants emphasize diversity and inclusivity and are providing a sustainable solution to one of the many challenges facing Maine’s youth.

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Portside Mentors

Portside’s Mentors are a group of top-producing agents who generously volunteer their time and expertise to our new to the business agents. Participants of our twelve month mentor training program not only will receive one-on-one mentoring for a year, but will also learn how to bullet-proof their transactions and grow a sustainable business.

Our Mentors not only help to build a mentee's self confidence, but also encourage and empower them in their own personal development. Mentees will learn how to identify and achieve their career goals in order to establish a sustainable business and career.

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