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Agent Spotlight: Sarah Carson

Sarah Carson came to Portside ready to set out on her own as a solo agent. Since joining Portside over a year ago she has grown her business, established herself as a listing agent in the greater portland area, and become a social media expert in the area of real estate. 

Portside Real Estate Group Agent Spot Light, Sarah Carson

Why did you decide to become an agent? What’s your favorite thing about your job?

"Prior to Real Estate, I worked in the Corporate Banking industry-- I felt that I was in a sales job that didn't allow me to represent clients with integrity.  I chose to leave that career behind, and pursue the path of Real Estate which had always been a passion of mine.  Building relationships has always been a strong suit for me, I love meeting new people and making connections.  Working as a realtor has allowed me the flexibility to manage my own business, it presents new challenges, and opportunities for growth, and also allows me to build lasting relationships with clients, colleagues, and within my community."

Portside Real Estate Group, Agent Spotlight Sarah Carson
How has your business grown at Portside since you joined?

"Portside provides multiple outlets for lead generation and partnerships with Leading Real Estate Companies of The World.  This has allowed me to grow my business with incoming referrals, and also assist clients who are relocating to another state.  Leveraging these opportunities has resulted in business growth and partnership growth with agents in other states/communities."

"My business has also grown with the Portside Brand.  We are a strong, community-oriented, local, and woman-owned agency.  Our values and standing in the market matters to people when they are selecting an agent and agency to represent them, and I am proud to stand behind the Portside Brand."

How would you describe the Portside community? How would you describe the “feel” and culture at Portside?
"Before coming to Portside, I always felt like I was missing out when I saw all of the activities that Portside hosted... whether it be a multi-agency networking, Summit or Mid-year training event, Community event, or a pop-by campaign for clients- I always thought there was so much going on that I wanted to be a part of." 


"It was different coming from working with a team of people that I was with every single day to going out "on my own"-- but I truly never felt alone with this Portside Community.  There is always someone to call, someone to help or run ideas by, and always someone to provide coverage when you need it-- and all with a smile! While we are in "competition", it never feels that way...  the culture at Portside is truly a group of kind, dynamic agents who are stand-out professionals."

Are you a part of Portside’s programs (Next Gen, 1% for Maine®, Peer to Peer, etc), and how does this benefit you?
"I participate in the Next Gen group, as well as 1% for Maine, and sit in on the Peer to Peer calls when I can.  I love being a part of these groups because it always provides support... It is nice to know that you are never alone in some of the situations that we encounter. It is always great to hear best practices from others in the industry-- not to mention, recognize the time that our colleagues and leaders put into running these programs to ensure that we are always informed- which is critical when it comes to standing out amongst other agents. 1% for Maine sets Portside apart. It allows us to give back and make a difference in our communities- I couldn't be more proud to participate in this program and am thrilled that Portside provides the opportunity."

 Portside Real Estate Group Agent Spotlight Sarah Carson

What’s your favorite Portside memory?

"My favorite Portside memory to date was my first Summit. I recalled seeing all of the agents' posts about this in prior years and had always wished that I was at an agency that offered this type of education.  We had inspiring guest speakers, including a lead economist who offered insightful market updates and awesome panels with great topics. It is a fun, informative day and it is always wonderful to connect with all of the other agents at our agency."

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